Homeowners Insurance

In most cases, we purchase homeowners insurance because our mortgage company forces us to at the time of closing.  There are so many decisions that must be made when buying a new house homeowners insurance can be an afterthought.

Your home has unique risk exposures that, if not properly accounted for, can lead to gaps in insurance coverage.  At Wallace & Wallace, we know how to find the coverage that works for your unique home.

We understand that purchasing Homeowners insurance is a critical decision whether you’ve owned your home for twenty years or are a first time home buyer.

We have the ability to shop multiple carriers to compare rates and coverage options. This results in the best possible homeowners insurance value. Regardless of where you are located in Cabin John, Maryland or surrounding counties we’re here to help.

Typical coverage packages for homeowners insurance include:

  • The physical structure of your home at Replacement Cost.
  • Personal possessions
  • Additional living expense
  • Personal liability insurance

Looking for specialty coverage for those unique exposures?  Our fully adaptable policies can be customized with further endorsements to enhance your homeowners insurance.

Our clients can benefit from additional coverage options, including:

  • Jewelry Insurance
  • Wine Collection Insurance
  • Historic Home Insurance
  • Flood Insurance
  • Earthquake Insurance
  • Umbrella Insurance

To learn more about our homeowners insurance policies and receive your home insurance proposal, call us today at 301.320.5800 or click here to email us.