Teenage Drivers and Car Insurance

Adding a teenage driver to your auto insurance policy causes sticker shock for every parent. This is because many insurers consider anyone under the age of 25 a risk. These tips will help minimize the impact of adding a teen driver. Know the facts According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, more than 33% of deaths among people between the ages of 16 and 20 resulted from auto accidents. Although this is a grim statistic, it is a good incentive to enforce the idea that teen driving is a privilege. Set and enforce rules Although parents cannot control the cost of insuring a teen driver, they can control how well a teen respects the privilege of driving. It is important to 

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New OSHA Rules Change the Game for Businesses

Effective January 1, 2017, new regulations were implemented where OSHA will require employers to submit detailed annual reports of workplace injuries and illnesses for publication online. A detailed list of all injuries will be accessible at http://bit.ly/2ePzE4y. Why are OSHA Rules Changing? In order to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses, OSHA has for decades required almost all employers keep track of their work injuries and illnesses in an OSHA 300 log. This information was internal and only provided to OSHA in the event of a physical audit or written request. Now, certain employers also must log on to OSHA’s website and submit this recorded information electronically. OSHA feels this new requirement will force employers to improve workplace safety and health. 

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Jewelry may not be Covered on your Homeowners Policy

Homeowners insurance policies include personal property at a fixed amount based on the replacement cost of your home. However, coverage amounts may be limited for certain types of personal property. Examples of items that have coverage limitations are: Jewelry Musical Instruments Guns Furs Artwork Cash & Coins Stamps Sports Cards Other Collectibles Silver and Gold Business Property These coverage limitations help keep policy premiums affordable. Without these sub-limits, home owners with less than the included values of the above items would end up paying for more coverage than is needed. If you have more than a few of any of the above items, other collectibles, or items that are of special value to you, discuss these items with your agent. 

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